Location, location, location...

Eponymous Garden is located just east of I-35 and south of Cesar Chavez, at the intersection of Waller and Garden streets. This unexpected oasis is in the increasingly urbanized environment just east of Downtown. A city bus stop is literally across the street and another is just a couple of blocks away. Being a short bike ride or walk to Lady Bird Lake and Downtown, this location may be an Austin urban dweller's pedestrian dream. Restaurants and bars, parks, the convention center, downtown, among other interesting destinations and activities, are all within walking distance.

Three two-bedroom bungalows cloak the main Victorian farmhouse, making a total of nine bedrooms, four kitchens and 5 1/2 baths between the four close-knit siblings. The houses share a large, fenced, common yard that is uniquely Austin in style, dotted with flagstone patios and winding paths that connect them all together. In addition to seasonal blooming plants, herbs and wildflowers, are century old pecan trees, several varieties of palms, banana trees, and a vegetable garden.


1880's Victorian Farmhouse
1202 Garden St.

Garden Bungalow
1204 Garden St.

Lover's Bungalow
1200 Garden St.

Explorer's Bungalow
75 Waller St.



A view of downtown Austin skyscrapers from the upstairs balcony of the 1880's Victorian Farmhouse