Past Events

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Shrewd Productions
Presents a staged reading of:
"Low-Hanging Stars"
by Sarah Saltwick
Friday, July 16, 2010 @ 8PM

A vacation takes a mysterious turn... On an impossibly pretty hill in New England, a rising Hollywood starlet and her mother encounter a strange young man. Afterwards, none of them are quite the same. Inspired by stillness, aftermath and Dakota Fanning.

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"In This House (Everything is You)"
Presented by
Salvage Vanguard Theater
January 21st & 22nd @ 8PM
January 23rd & 24th @ 5PM

Lorne Loganbill and Sterling Price-McKinney cordially invite you to attend Eponymous Garden's first site-specific theater production. "In This House (Everything is You)" is being jointly presented by Salvage Vanguard Theater and Eponymous Garden for FronteraFest 2010's "Bring Your Own Venue"

We are thinking of a lost child. We are thinking of the past poking up into the present and giving you a chill. We are thinking about the present reaching back into the past, and giving it a loving hug. Surrounded by the art and spooky heirlooms that abound in the "time capsule" that is Eponymous Garden, a little emotional time travel doesn't seem that far fetched. What can happen within the confines of the Eponymous Garden compound isn't always easy to explain.

A workshop production written by Sharon Bridgeforth, Daniel Alexander Jones, Monika Bustamante, and Cyndi Williams. This ghost story is an examination of love, loss, and family.

Co-directed by Dustin Wills and Jenny Larson. Featuring performers Florinda Bryant, Wesley Bryant, Adriene Mishler, Jude Hickey, and Cyndi Williams.


East Austin Studio Tour

Eponymous Garden is pleased to welcome into our house artworks from Joyce DiBona, David Elliott, Carlo Pusateri, Steve Hochschild, and Annie Bradley for the East Austin Studio Tour.


For the next week or so, East Austin will be crawling with people going from artist to artist, studio to studio, and happening to happening.  Eponymous Garden has been labeled a "happening" this year, 1 of 49 to be exact, with the distinction of being first, or H1 in the listings of this epic event.  The sheer numbers of creative people involved in this annual event are staggering.  Some 154 studios will exhibit the work of 280 artists, and 20 exhibition spaces and 30 programs will illuminate the work of others between Saturday, November 14th, and Sunday, November 22nd.  Our own Eponymous Garden hours will be Noon to 6pm on Saturday, November 14th and Sunday, November 15th, and Saturday, November 20th and Sunday, November 22nd.  Other times during the week are strictly by appointment or invitation only.

Eponymous Garden is proud to present the work of five artists inside the house.  Painters-in-oil Joyce DiBona, Beverly Kemp and David Elliott will dominate the Main Salon with paintings resonating moments of realization and re-invention.  Three completely differing styles which seem to speak to a similar human condition.  Ceramicist Carlo Pusateri will also show his series of works called "Alien Forms" in the Main Salon, and a clay bust by the late Bill Costly will be shone there as well.  The Bill Costley piece was meant to be cast in bronze, but was left unfinished at the time of the artist's death.

Wall sculptor Steve Hochschild will present his stainless steel and mixed media series "Intellectual Property" in our ever-popular "Monstrous Kitchen".  Sterling Price-McKinney's ca. 1986 "I Have Bound My Sorrow" or the so-called "Black Painting" will also be displayed there.  Most other works in the permanent collection have been put away to accomodate this event.

Outside in the rambling garden, other artists and artisans will sell their wares on the various patios and porches which wind around the back of the house.  Those items will range from artwork and jewelry, to one-of-a-kind greeting cards and "East Side" T-shirts.  There are so many E.A.S.T. events in the immediately surrounding neighborhood, we are suggesting that people park in the ample parking lot of Sanchez Elementary Park, immediately west of the Eponymous Garden compound across Waller Street.

It is a pleasure to be part of the East Austin Studio Tour or E.A.S.T. as it is commonly acronymed in print.  We hope you'll join us for this, the inaugural exhibition of Eponymous Garden's Salon Gallery.  And for that matter, we hope for many more in the future.  Come suspend time with us.


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