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Eponymous Garden is a collection of three 1930’s bungalows and an 1880’s Victorian Farmhouse in a private, fenced compound filled with trees, flowers, herbs, trails and patios. The Victorian Farmhouse and one of the bungalows are available for short-term vacation rentals. The remaining bungalows are long-term rentals. The garden is also available for small events.

The compound has long housed artists, entertainers, writers, philosophers and other general ne'er-do-wells. Perhaps starting with the state senator thought to have built the house, residents and guests have run the gamut from the ridiculous to the sublime. We'd like to follow the established tradition of having "interesting yet responsible people" around.

Eponymous Garden is involved in promoting the arts and offers the Victorian as a place for artists, musicians, dancers, playwrights, poets and all “creatives” to showcase their work. Past events have included, benefits, fund-raisers, weddings, birthday parties, plays, readings and musical performances.



"For you... who toiled seemingly in vain, who never languished in the shadows, whose name we never knew. This is your eponymous garden."



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